Our Story

Hello from Erna and Amra! We're sisters, passionate bookworms, total cat ladies, and founders of Tchotchkes&Co! 

Our childhood home in Bosnia looked a lot like Lorelai Gilmore's house - knickknacks everywhere! Colourful vases, non-matching mugs, fluffy pillows, paintings and posters on the walls, and books scattered all over the place. We try to recreate the same effect here in our home in Dubai. 

We both have degrees in English literature and business, and we've always sought ways to combine our two passions. Our love of knickknacks and reading, combined with a spot of irreverent humour, and powered by entrepreneurial spirit got us to set up Tchotchkes&Co in 2021 and bring you something truly different. 

With our products, we wish to share with you the beautiful things in life: beauty of art, freedom of nature, love of our pets, comfort of books and coffee, soothing power of music, coziness of our homes. Whether you're a bookworm or not, we hope your new tchotchke brings you joy!

  • If you're following us on any social media, you are bound to notice our cats who feature regularly in our photos and videos. They are Ricky and Jerry, our lovely cream chonks who enjoy being involved in everything that has to do with boxes, wrapping paper, string ... you get the pattern.

    Ricky is occasionally grumpy, very serious about his nap times, and likes hanging around book stacks, so we get along quite well.

    He was found in Dubai’s industrial area. He was abandoned, shaved, underfed, riddled with ear mites, and living off of the contents of the labourers’ lunch boxes. He was lucky to be spotted and picked up by a cat shelter and to end up on an adoption day organised by our local pet shop. And since then, Ricky has been in our hearts and on our shelves.

  • Jerry is our gentle giant. We found him in a park near our home. He was injured, sick, and alone, and he just crawled out of the bushes and sat next to us. He wanted a home, and we gave him one. After several vet visits, a cocktail of meds, and a minor surgery, he is on the mend. His golden locks are growing back and he is just a fluffy ball full of love. 

    Rescue animals are incredibly grateful and they give back much more than they receive. 

  • We scour the market to find the best source materials for our products. They are made in the EU and USA following very high production standards. We seek to sell and promote eco-friendly and ethically sourced products. Our business runs on a lean model without keeping a large stock. Your product is made the moment you order it, which is good for our planet. 

  • Our designs are inspired by literature, music, art, nature, and bookish lifestyle. We collaborate with designers and artists to give you the best quality and the most innovative products on the market. They make great gifts and brilliant accessories for bookworms and non-bookworms alike. We constantly work on new products and update our collections, so make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch on social media! 

  • These tchotchkes were made with you in mind, we hope that they brighten your days and serve you for a long time! 

    Erna & Amra 

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