July seems to be the shortest month of the year, right? You blink and the summer's almost over and we can already smell a hint of pumpkin spice in the air! 🍂

Also, it's officially back-to-school season 🚌, and it makes both of us a bit nostalgic. We loved getting ready for school - colorful new stuff, crisp paper in the notebooks, so many ideas and plans to be jotted down...
And we want to share this feeling with you, so we've put some of our new and favorite products on sale!

Check out the Back to School Collection and make sure that you return often because we'll be adding new products daily! ✨

We wish you a wonderful end of summer!

💜 Erna & Amra

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Antisocial Butterfly Laptop SleeveAntisocial Butterfly Laptop Sleeve
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  • Exclusive Design

    You won't find products like ours elsewhere!

    We have carefully crafted each of our tchotchkes, worked closely with our designer, and read a lot of books in order to make sure that you are getting a unique product that will bring you joy.

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  • High Quality

    Before releasing any of our products into the world, we've tried, tested, and lived with them for a while. Only the best ones have found their place on our (virtual) shelves.

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  • Made by Bookworms

    These products were designed by two bookish sisters in collaboration with a professional designer. The whole process was conducted under Mr. Ricky's watchful eye (when not interfering with his 6-hour naps). Inspired by our love of classic literature, nature, coffee, and cats, we created these products with the aim to inspire, brighten your days, and bring you joy. We hope we have succeeded.

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